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September 2023 Alumni Spotlight

Candis Stern

Scottsbluff High School Class of 1966

Q. What is your current occupation?

A. Retired

Q. Who influenced you most during High School?

A. I think Mr. Frakes. He had us memorize a lot of Shakespeare and made his classes both interesting and challenging.

Q. What is your favorite high school memory?

A. One of my best is of being in the acapella choir with Mr. Eph Ehly who eventually got his PhD and taught at a music conservatory after he left SHS.

Q. What is something that people may not know about you?

A. I always loved animals, and animal welfare has been particularly important to me the last 30 years.

Q. What are some life lessons you'd like to share with students today?

A. Listen to your best teachers and the adults who want you to succeed, and if you are not interested in college, pick a vocational school and pursue something of interest that you can earn a living doing. Continue to find new friends and widen your circle every decade of your life. You will never be too old to make new, wonderful, and caring friends.

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