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November Alumni Spotlight

I recently heard about a group of men who meet each morning in downtown Scottsbluff. Most of them are Scottsbluff High School graduates so I had to find out what this was all about. Gathering my courage and a notebook I went to see what was drawing these gentlemen out each morning. What I found as I entered was a relatively quiet group of men with a cup of coffee or tea in front of them. I am sure they wondered what I was doing there and more importantly what I wanted from them. After assuring them I was merely there to observe, we began to chat. I learned that this group of retirees has been meeting together daily for years. They told me they talk about football, fishing, the weather, and "other" sports. I asked if there was anything they didn't talk about? In unison they responded, "politics"!It didn't take long for me to realize they were onto something good.These men have found community.They don't meet together with an agenda or a strategy. They meet to share memories or make plans for the next fishing or golf trip, give each other a hard time, and offer support. My biggest lesson from this experience was to find your people and show up. That's the lesson, show up like these men do! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your group for one morning.Pictured areDon Schmidt SHS '61, Rich Jackson SHS '64, Tom Carson SHS '60, Rod Green SHS '71, Roger Wheeler SHS '65, Bob Brown SHS '65, Jerry Bretthauer SHS '67, Henry Rahmig GHS '60, Russ Weimer KHS "71, John Koenig KHS '60, Marty Martinson AHS '55, Ron Asmus LHS '58, Don Roth MHS '63, Dick Meyer WPHS '67, and Glen Vandenberge WPHS '65.

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