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February Alumni Spotlight

Ivan Reddington SHS Class of 1954

One of my favorite memories is Mr. Veal, who was a shop teacher. The first project that he gave us was to learn how to make orthogonal drawings. We had blocks of wood cut in various shapes and we had to make drawings of plan views, end views, and elevating views. I was able to draw all of the blocks in a much shorter time than most of the students. Because of this, Mr. Veal asked me what I was doing in shop class. I told him my brother had taken the class and liked it so my mother suggested it. Mr. Veal told me that I could remain for the rest of the semester but that next semester I should go to Mr. Edwards mechanical drawing class. I did as I was told, and Mr. Edwards showed me the drawings that the class had started first semester. I quickly finished all of the first years drawings. Impressed, he showed me a picture from a magazine of a three point perspective of a house and asked if I could draw it. For help he gave me a college text book to demonstrate how to set up the drawing and I was able to do it. Afterwards the teachers found that I could do all of the house drawings. I went on to make drawings for the teachers that were building homes. I ended up staying in the mechanical drawing classes for the rest of my time in high school. I received straight A's. Another teacher, Mr. Payne, who taught Physics taught us how to use slide rules. It was a big help when I started Aeronautical Engineering classes and could do the engineering problems faster than most of the other students. Mr. Payne made Physics an interesting subject. While in school I formed a western dance band. I remember playing music for the Sadie Hawkins dance at SHS. My music helped me make money for college, purchase a car, buy clothes and get going in life. I still play regularly in two Hawaiian Music Clubs. After graduation I attended Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology at St. Louis University in Missouri. I graduated in December of 1957 and began working for McDonnell Aircraft Corp. A few months later I was called to active duty in the United States Air Force for pilot training. July 1959, I became a pilot in the USAF, where I flew until May 1966. Upon release, I began my career as a pilot for American Airlines, retiring in 1985 at age 60.

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